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Applications closed! Looking forward to see you in July!

Develop your skills

Either you practice debating as a member of the European Parliament or a Minister or you try out your written capacities as a journalist for MEUM’s own newspaper ‚The Mercury‘.

Lots of social activities await you…

Barbecue & European Night Time for some sweet Barbecue! We will be heating up the grill, have some beers and simply have a good time. A variety of meat and veggies will be prepared, so there will be something for everybody. Afterwards we will celebrate the European Night! As a tradition of any AEGEE event, the European Night gives you the opportunity to present anything you want from your home country or city: traditional food or drinks, traditional customs – simply anything. After the presentations everyone shall feel free to taste the various foods and drinks. Be excited – so are we!

General information

Need more info? Unsure whether to apply or not? Read our general information about accomodation and costs of coming to Mainz! Model European Union Mainz will take place at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz (GER) from 6th to 10th July 2016 with an estimated 100 simulation participants. During three days, two actual proposals of the European Commission will be discussed in both the EP and the Council. The participation fee of 75€ will include accomodation at a hostel close to the university as well as social activities, food tokens for the university canteen and a bus ticket.

About MEUM

Discover Mainz
Join for a mixture of politics, media and culture

Model European Union Mainz (MEUM) provides a unique simulation of EU decision-making and politics and takes place annually in Mainz. Located at the river Rhine, the city is not only famous for Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of book print, but also for its old market place and its vibrant student life with one of Germany’s biggest universities only 10 minutes from the city centre. Each year, the conference brings together students from all over the world, giving them the opportunity to experience the functioning of European institutions themselves. While most students who apply have a Political Science/ European Studies or Sociology background, there are no requirements and everyone from every field of study is free to join! During the course of the simulation, participants debate two controversial, real-life legislative proposals drafted by the European Commission and simulate EU law-making by acting as Members of the European Parliament or Members of the Council of the European Union. A special feature are Journalists, who, through press conferences and interviews, cover and analyse debates in a daily newspaper and possibly video footage .

  • Rhetorical Skills

    A survey by the JGU's department of political science showed, that 66% of participants improved their rhetorical skills at MEUM.

  • Speaking English

    In the same survey these students stated, that their english speaking skills improved too.

  • Teamwork

    MEUM also encourages you to work together in teams! Search for allies in order to have a bigger impact on the legislative process.

  • Intercultural competences

    Beside these skills one third of our participants also stated that they improved their intercultural competences by challenging cultural differences in order to reach a compromise.

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