Introducing Our Social Programme: European Night

Introducing Our Social Programme

Saturday Night: European Night

You have been sipping on some of the best wines in town and spent an evening with your feet in the sand at the beach. Maybe you’ve even had a steak or two. These evenings concluded your first three days at MEU Mainz 2017. As you leave the venue with the final votes are passed and the final session concluded, you might ask yourself. What could possibly be left in store for me? Easy; the best is yet to come!

Some MEUs call it “Eurofest”, in most it is simply known as “the last night”. We call it “European Night” – and we do that with a purpose. We at MEU Mainz not only want to show you how the European Union works, what it can and  can’t do. Don’t get us wrong, especially the second part is very important and we appreciate everyone to get home feeling a bit smarter than they got to us.

But the second and equally important part is that we want to bring the European Union close to you, not as an institution, but as a way of life. Hence, for us, MEU means the freedom to meet and get to know people from all over and beyond Europe. To engage with them, exchange ideas and indulge in all the personal and cultural diversity.

Also, what goes better with diversity than a variety of food and drink from all over the world? Right; nothing!

That’s where you come in. Every year, each participant saves a small spot in his or her luggage for a treat from his or her home country. We’ve had savoury red wine from Portugal, warm waffles from Belgium, sweet Biscotti from Italy, homemade Rakia from Bulgaria and even steaming hot dumplings from China – just to name a few.

But it doesn’t stop at food and drink. It can be equally fun to prepare and bring something cultural; an old folk song, a traditional dance or an item of cherished national clothing. We’ve seen this night unfold for a few times now. But still, it has never been the same night twice.

And we’re really curious what you might have in store for us this year!


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